Updated: Apr 7

Sometimes, picking a blog topic is harder than the writing itself. You know you need that blog on your website (because you read my excellent article here) but every time you sit down to write just working out where to start is too much so you put it off. Does this sound familiar? Despite one website I found suggesting the answer was simply to write about bacon, I think we can do better (unless, of course, you sell bacon!). The following 6 ideas (in no specific order) can be customised to your business and keeping your content relevant is always a good place to start.

1. Lists

A great quick way to put a few thoughts done is to create a list. The human brain seems to perceive a list as a quick way to absorb information, and you can adjust them as needed. Have 57 great facts about tree frogs – that’s a list. Three new ways to present a salad – also a list. You can always start the list first and title it second allowing it to be as short or as long as you like.

2. Instructions

Presumably, if you have a blog, you know how to do something. In a world with so many different people of differing interests, someone is bound to be searching how to do that thing. Whether you sell earrings and can explain how to bake modelling clay, or you work in accounting and can explain how to simplify your tax, instructions are a great topic for your blog.

3. Answers

What was the last question you were asked about your business? I remember being told in school that if you have a question, at least a few others in class were thinking the same thing. If you have been asked as a lawyer – Is it legal to draft my own will? Or as a doctor – Can I get a second opinion on this? Chances are, there are many others thinking the same questions. So use those questions as a topic and get writing!

4. Personal stories

I love human connection and I know I am not alone these days in looking to buy more from small business with real people behind them. So let’s show your real people. Even if you employ over 500 people, run a few blogs introducing some of them. Let the world hear more about Nathan from Human Resources who loves to crochet on weekends, Mary in Accounting who loves white water rafting, or you as the small business owner who gave up morning latte’s for 12 months to get where you are today (Note: I could not do this – latte’s are fuel – but maybe you did?).

5. Reviews

Have you read a great book lately? Listened to a podcast? Watched a movie or attended an event? If it was in some way relatable to what you do or sell, why not share it with the world? People who follow you on social media are likely to appreciate the recommendation if they are interested in your field.

6. Comparisons

The number of times I have googled the difference between two similar products probably cannot be guessed. Kids car seats, holiday destinations, TVs… which one of these two should I get? I know I’m not alone. Imagine if you are the top hit because you have written just the right comparison? It’s worth a shot, and it gives you great content to share in the mean time.

My final pro tip is ‘don’t over think it’. See my post on just giving it 15 minutes. Just start writing. And when you are done, check that you are accurate but don’t sweat the small details. No one else will be, not if your content is engaging enough to have their attention!