Beth Baldwin – Copywriter


I love to write about you. My happy place is listening to your business story, your hopes and dreams, then selling that to your clients. I especially love working with you long term, writing regular content for your website showcasing your field of expertise to your prospective clients. 

Most of my clients love my casual professional style and some coined me the copywriter who listens because they loved the way I heard them and captured their essence.
Before I became the copywriter who listens, I achieved my law degree, a post graduate certificate in counselling and life experience as a parent, a tourist, a human who has engaged with the world. I enjoy learning new fields and particularly meeting new people. 

If you’ve come this far you might wonder why I am using my middle name. I know, it adds complication. But it also adds story. Anne is my middle name but it was also the name of someone very dear to me and I love that she lives on with my business.

I recently hired Beth to write some copy for my website. She captured my tone perfectly. Super impressed with her work. Will definitely use her again.

Susie B

The Social Nest

Beth is a fabulous writer, but just as importantly, she is a great listener. Beth has helped me put my words down on paper in a fabulous article. I will definitely be working with Beth again.

Sarah Hardie

Deserved Luxury