Updated: May 12

If you are asking whether you need a content writer the answer is probably yes!

We clever content writers create the words for your website, the magic that helps google find you, entices interested humans to click in and, if done right, keeps them on your page. The rest is up to your product. If our words get you found, clicked and read, the right product will ensure readers convert to clients. Sounds pretty good right?

We are also the people who whizz up your landing page text when your web developer is on your back, write that blog that your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – the way to get found on google) advisor says you need to provide each fortnight and create engaging words for your monthly newsletter share.

Of course, if words are your thing and you already have (or are) an SEO guru, you probably don’t need a content writer, so forward this article to a friend who does. For everyone else, let’s think about why you should outsource this work to someone else (like me).

Content writers write for a living

Sounds so obvious, but if you brew amazing beer, run the best overland horse riding experience or produce locally acclaimed candles, writing may not be your strong point. And that’s ok. I can’t brew beer, ride a horse or make a candle (though I do light them occasionally if that counts?). You probably have an accountant doing your taxes, hired a designer for your branding and maybe you already up-skilled to get yourself onto social media. Maybe now you have hired a web developer who is asking you for your content to populate the pages.

As a content writer, I spend my days talking to people about their business, learning their voice, how they like to relate to customers and then creating that content. I really love working with clients who are seeking regular content in the form of a blog or article for their page so we can really get to know each other. And I like writing (most of the time!). I’ve done lots of writing. So it’s kind or my natural strong suit. If it’s not yours, you might need a content writer.

Content writers give you back time

Maybe I was wrong above, maybe you are a creative who enjoys a little writing on the side, maybe you did that Uni degree and want to put it to use beside your creative hobby business, maybe you just believe you can do it all yourself. I know I often do!

But if you really check in with yourself, do you want to be burning the midnight oil when you could be spending that time with your family? Do you like it enough to miss doing the business itself? Would you rather take back that time and outsource, even some of the work? If so, then yes, you also need a content writer.

Content writers do more than just write

The term content writer can be used to refer to a variety of slightly different skills and wildly differing skill levels. Which is great, because it means you have choice over price, and choice over which skills you need.

You might hire a copywriter who does all your social media management as well as creates your website content. Or you might already have an SEO expert in your employ who has told you what you need in your next article and simply need someone who can use that word or sentence appropriately in a reader friendly way. Maybe you need your content writer to provide you with SEO advice and do the key word research for you. We all have slightly different skills and styles so it is best to ring around or check out a few pages before you make your decision.

I’m sure I could wax on further about why need a content writer (and by that I mean me, why you need me, especially if you are based in Canberra like I am), but let’s leave something for our first chat shall we?

Feel free to leave questions in the comments section below and I will reply as best I can.