Guest Blog by Susie Basiaco of The Social Nest

A great blog should not only update your website and help your SEO, it should also save you time on social media. You can repurpose every blog to a YouTube video, Facebook posts, Insta stories, an eye-catching LinkedIn share and an infinite amount of acceptable content on those Facebook groups that don’t allow promotion. 

The best place to begin is the platform you know your ideal customers or customer avatar spends most of their time on. 


Everyone is doing it, and it’s not that scary! Read your blog on camera the way you hear it in your head. Be enthusiastic, but don’t worry about recreating the wheel. The words are already there! You’ve got this. 

Play around with reading snippets, presenting the whole thing, making slides to support you or just being on-screen as your fabulous self. See what works best for your audience. And for you. 

You can also share these videos across Facebook or Instagram stories if that’s where you need to show up for your audience. Video is King in 2022. 


Share the link to the whole blog. Share the link to YouTube, or post the snippet you just videoed.

If video isn’t your thing (yet!), start by turning your key points into eye-catching images with a little more information below. Many programs like Canva offer free versions where you can access simple templates if you are new to creating social media content. Select your business colours, adapt the template to suit your themes, insert your own image, or choose from their selection of open-source images. 

The key is to start. Then you can learn as you go with free online tutorials and YouTube videos.


Try splitting your blog into a smaller collection of tips. Now choose how you would best like to present them:

  • Separately as a collection of Lives (where you will read them aloud on camera)
  • Together as a Reel – you can use Canva templates and capitalise on this trend without needing to be on camera yourself
  • As a collection of images posted daily sharing your tips and inviting conversation among your followers about the topic

Whatever way you choose to share, remember that on Instagram, the Hashtag is King so use your hashtags. Some of the best for sharing your content can be simple like #toptiptuesday, #(your industry)tips or #(your town or city)smallbusiness. 

The absolute best Hashtags, of course, will be the ones you have researched specifically for your business. Follow me on Instagram @thesocialnest to learn more about Hashtag research.


As a more business to business style platform where you should be seeking to be seen as an expert in your field, LinkedIn is a great place to share the full blog. Show your colleagues and potential clients that you know your material. 

Make sure that when you insert your link, you have a relevant and eye-catching image associated with your well-titled blog. Then go ahead and add some curated text explaining why this topic will help your LinkedIn audience. LinkedIn is also a good platform for starting professional and interesting discussions, so feel free to invite your audience to engage, answer a question or provide their thoughts on the topic.

Facebook Groups

Unless you have founded your own highly engaged group, you are probably a member of several Facebook groups, most of which have rules preventing marketing. But everyone tells you they are great for business if only you engage! Sharing useful content is the answer. 

Check the rules of the group; many will have a #toptiptuesday share day – your blog is a tip! Share it. Alternatively, read the questions others are asking. If someone is asking a question you have written a blog about, answer their question and share your link for further information. If you have the time, maybe even offer to have a chat to help them. You might be surprised how many of these discussions convert to a sale. 

Blog + Showing Up on Socials + Engaging = Conversion

As always, the key to social media is showing up and engaging. Your blogs are a great source of content that you can use to save time thinking about how to show up. Then it’s up to you to engage with your customers. If they comment – respond! If you can help them – offer to do so! 

Your blog is the beginning. How you use it is showing up. Responding to comments on your posts and in groups is engaging. Working smarter, conversion will come.

Susie Basiaco is the owner and founder of The Social Nest, Canberra. She increases her client’s visibility and sales conversions through Social Media strategising, management and hashtag research.

Insta @thesocialnestau